Army Miniatures


To experience War of Kings in all of its glory, we commissioned 14 unique 10mm miniatures to be made specifically for the War of Kings world.  Seven of the miniatures represent the armies of Arowyth, or the players.  The other seven represent the evil Malador horde!  Once assembled, they may be used in lieu of the cardboard army tokens inside the game box.

Each army pack contains 154 metallic 10mm miniatures and 46 bases, enough to create six army units for each player and ten army units for the Malador.  See the graphic below for a specific breakdown of the miniatures found within the army pack.  The bases are custom cut to match the damage counters found within the game box.  All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require a small amount of assembly (gluing the miniatures to the bases). 

While supplies last, get a free sheet of banner stickers that show each player’s animal crest!

Click here for miniature assembly and painting instructions.

Army Pack Contents