Assembling and Painting War of Kings Miniature Armies

 Painting and Assembling War of Kings 10mm Miniatures

The War of Kings Army pack comes with enough miniatures and bases to create ten Malador armies and thirty-six Arowyth armies (six of each color) for the players.


It is highly recommended that the miniatures are painted before they are attached to their base. During painting the miniatures can be mounted on craft sticks with a small dab of white glue. This makes them easy to hold during painting and allows you to easily paint a whole “line” of miniatures in the same color before easily and efficiently. After the being mounted to the craft sticks, the miniatures should be coated in grey primer. Then they can be painted with your favorite brand of model paints.

From a gameplay perspective, the most important factor when painting the armies is that each player be able to easily identify their armies on the table. This means each army should strongly “carry” each player’s color: white, blue, red, yellow, purple, or black, with the Malador armies being orange. If each miniature has some part of it that is painted the player’s color, such as a tunic or surcoat, the color will be bold enough to be easily seen on the table. The 1 inch by 0.75 inch army bases should also be painted a base color (such as brown) before the miniatures are attached.


Painted by Blue Table Painting

Once painted, each miniature can be easily popped off the craft stick by sliding the blade of a hobby knife between the craft stick and the miniature’s base and giving the knife a slight twist. The miniatures can then be attached to their bases with simple white glue. Because the number and kind of miniatures on the base has no impact on War of Kings gameplay, there is a lot of flexibility in the how the miniatures are arranged on the bases. However, it is recommended that each army contain a comfortable and roughly equal mix of infantry and cavalry and then arranged in a mini-diorama of an army on the march.


Painted by Blue Table Painting

For best results, the miniatures should be attached to the bases and the bases the basing material attached simultaneously. This is done by coating the bases with a layer of white glue and then arranging the miniatures on the base as desired. Then, sprinkle a moderately coarse talus over the miniatures bases. When the glue is dry, shake off the excess talus. If there is no glue on the actual metal base of the miniatures and the talus is about the height of the metal bases a very even base across the entire army will result. From there, the base can be finished by painting, dry brushing, flocking, or with static grass as desired.