War of Kings Gameplay

A collection photos of War of Kings in action!

Painted Settlements and Fortifications

Here are several shots of the settlements and fortifications that were professionally painted by Blue Table Painting. See our Downloads page for a painting guide!

War of Kings Box Contents

All of the components for War of Kings! Everything is high quality and looks absolutely beautiful.

War of Kings 10mm Miniature Line

Here are the final, painted versions of each of our original hand-sculped 10mm figures. Heath's paint job really brings the figures to life and highlights all of the amazing detail that Phil Lewis was able to capture. You cannot truly appreciate the size and detail of these until you've held them in your hand.

10mm Army Figure Sculpts - Phil Lewis

These are the master sculpts of the original 10mm figures created specifically for War of Kings by Phil Lewis.

Master Settlements & Fortifications - Simon Summers

These are Simon Summers master sculpts he created for War of Kings. The detail on these are amazing! The settlements have a 1 inch diameter base, and the fortifications sit right around them.