WoK Around the Web

The Discriminating Gamer – Cody reviews War of Kings. His recommendation–buy it!

I Slay the Dragon Review – Since Jason had been kind enough to preview War of Kings during its Kickstarter, we wanted to be be sure to get a production copy of the game into his hands as well. From there, he wrote up a whole new review. Check it out!

Board Game Geek Page – The War of Kings Board Game Geek page is the place to post game play pictures, your own reviews and commentary, and join in the War of Kings discussion. Heath and Seth regularly drop by the page

CarcassonneFreak Review – CarcassonneFreek got the opportunity to preview the prototype of War of Kings during the Kickstarter campaign. You can find his write up here on Board Game Geek.

I Slay the Dragon Preview – Jason over at I Slay the Dragon previews War of Kings during its Kickstarter campaign. He write, “War of Kings distills the elements of a grand strategy conquest game into a compact and imminently playable experience without losing its epic flavor.”

The Cardboard Republic Preview Article – The Cardboard Republic received a prototype copy of War of Kings for a special preview during the Kickstater campaign. They conclude the War of Kings has an epic feel “without having all of the rules complexity and incredibly lengthy game sessions that epic games generally have.” But you can read everything they had to say right here.

I Slay the Dragon Interview – Jason interviews Seth about War of Kings.

Today in Board Games Interview – Heath is on the Today in Board Games podcast talking about creating War of Kings.

Guest Blog on “Unboxed” – Heath and Seth wrote a guest blog on the simultaneous play mechanic in War of Kings for Unboxed.

War of Kings Kickstarter Page – If you want check out the Kickstarter campaign that launched War of Kings, the page is archived here.