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War of Kings is a premium 2 to 6 player medieval strategy board game that combines exciting combat with a well-balanced and engaging economic system that plays in between 90 and 120 minutes. Resource management is key to build settlements, fortifications, and roads, while engaging other kingdoms in combat with your armies. War of Kings was funded on Kickstarter in 2014.

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  • Simultaneous Play – All 6 players collect resources, trade, recruit armies, construct settlements, and fortify their kingdom simultaneously. This reduces the wait between turns, keeps the game fresh, and creates an exciting gaming atmosphere.

  • The Maladorian Marauders – A card-based mechanic lets the players take control of a non-player horde and wreak havoc on their neighbors. From Jason, at iSlayTheDragon: “Simply put, this mechanic alone is worth the investment into this game.

  • Minimal Set-Up Time – The game can be set up in just minutes.  There are no boards to randomize or decisions to anguish over before play can begin. Nevertheless, the advanced game play creates a unique experience every time.

  • Active Combat – The combat system in War of Kings engages both the attacking and defending player.  The custom combat dice are intuitive, and everyone at the table will be cheering on the combatants.

  • Balance War of Kings strikes a balance between military conquest and the management of your kingdom’s economy.  Both will be necessary to conquer the land of Arowyth.

  • Awesome Miniatures – War of Kings features three levels of settlements that can be defended by placing one of three levels of fortifications around it. We also have an original line of 10mm figures available to add to your order. All are hand-sculpted specifically for War of Kings.

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The complete War of Kings game rules are available on the downloads page, but you can also find out what War of Kings is all about through the following video.

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