The War of Kings Rulebook  War of Kings Rulebook

Version 1.01 (Updated October 26, 2014)

This is the entire digital edition of the War of Kings Rulebook. Easily searchable during gameplay.


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War of Kings Exploration Table

War of Kings Exploration Table

This is a standalone .pdf of the War of Kings Exploration Table for easy reference during gameplay,

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War of Kings FAQ  War of Kings Official FAQ

Version 1.0

A standalone version of the FAQ included with the rulebook. Any additions or updates will be be included here.

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War of Kings Reference Sheet

War of Kings Player Reference Sheets

If disaster befalls your Player Reference Sheets, you can easily print off more right here.

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 War of Kings Economic LedgerWar of Kings Kingdom Economic Ledgers

Never be without Kingdom Economics Ledgers. Three to a sheet for speedy printing.

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War of Kings Army Banners War of Kings 10mm Army Banners

Give your War of Kings miniature armies the extra spacial touch with these army banners featuring the crests of each kingdom. They have ben sized to match the the poles carried by the standard bearers in the 10mm army packs.

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